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Mission Accomplished

by Those Shadow People

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Marko Segura
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Marko Segura Those Shadow People creates music, and also draw comics. So they give listeners more than that: they set a complete dimension to experiment their stories.
Everytime I listen to their music, something new appear, a new feeling arises.
Make sure to hear "Cromium"!
A must-have if you like Damon Albarn, Radiohead, Unkle.
Thanks for your music Those Shadow People! Favorite track: Chromium.


Check out the webcomic that goes with this music at


released April 28, 2015

Compositions by Those Shadow People
Recorded at Studio-T in Denver, CO
Drums by Zach Matthews recorded by z.matt.33 Musick at Elvira Manor in Nashville, TN
Mixed by: Tim Santos
Mastering: Kelly Hibbert and Tim Santos
Album Art: Cyril Brown


all rights reserved



Those Shadow People Denver, Colorado

Music + Comics = Those Shadow People.

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Track Name: Lines in the Sand
Reaching in my pockets
Drawing lines in the sand
Thinking back
To where it all began

Oooh, you can’t go back
Oh, Don’t you know that you can’t go back

Looking westward
On the land that lies ahead
Feeling so alive
But seeing so much dead
Track Name: Mission Accomplished
Long road ahead, but we’re pushin on
We gotta get there before the sun
In the rear view mirror, city’s burnin up
Wind in our hair, looks like we finally won

Long road ahead, but we’re pushin on
Making history, don’t you wanna come?
Turnin’ the page, New chapter’s just begun
‘Mission Accomplished’ is what we’ll call this one

We gotta get there before the sun
Life in the shadows is much more fun...
Track Name: Dawn of the New
Been asleep, for so long,
waking up to the song
and the spinning, and the dawning of a new day

Riding high, on the flame,
from below, i have come,
to the sound and the dawning of a new day

Seeing you, like I do,
through the green and the blue,
till the red is the color of a new day

Quiet now, as we are,
birds they sing, to the song and the dawning of a new day

You, You, You
Have never seen me before
And Today, Today, Today
Will be the only day you'll ever see this place

I've dreamt about it, I've talked about it,
Wonder right out loud if I'll ever see the dawning of a new day
Dawning of a new day,
Dawning of a new day,
Dawning of a new day,
Dawning of a new day